The Boss is Getting Married!

In just nine days time, Wedding Belles will be in the throws of a major celebration as owner Leonie marries her very own prince charming! Here she tells us more about her planning experience.


We’ve done a lot together as a couple this last year; we both left our jobs in Manchester, me to become the owner of the Best Bridal Retailer in North Wales and Graham on his own voyage in to self employment, we moved house, got engaged, and now… we’re getting married!

When Graham proposed I was wearing a wet suit and drinking a beer on a secluded little bay on Ynys Llanddwyn. It wouldn’t sound romantic to most, but for us it was perfect, and there was never any hesitation or doubt that I would say yes.


Planning started pretty quickly, although originally it was for a wedding in June 2018! Venue and photographer were both booked, but as we crept through the month of March we asked ourselves “What are we waiting for?” And so a new date was set, 3rd June 2017!

I knew this was going to be tough. Suppliers get booked up quickly and getting a dress at such short notice was going to be a real challenge, even for me! North Wales is full of truly brilliant wedding professionals and we got incredibly lucky, managing to source a venue (although this bit was stressful!), photographer and florist within the first week or so of the date change.

I knew a great place to choose my wedding dress (wink, wink!), but in the back of my mind there was a worry that because I help brides choose fabulous wedding gowns for their big day all of the time, that when it came time to start trying the dresses on myself I would only see them as other people’s dresses. I tried on lace and beads, ball gowns and fitted gowns, and ended with a front runner by St Patrick. I felt incredible in it, any worries I had disappeared. I got on with checking if the dress would arrive in time for my wedding and to my great relief it would! “Another tick off the wedding planning list” – or so I thought.

A new dress arrived in to the boutique. It was a shape and style I knew would suit me and I just had to try it on. And I fell in love. I felt a million dollars wearing her even though she didn’t fit me, and I knew this was the dress I had to get married in. A frantic call to the designer followed, pleading with them to make my dream dress a reality and they did just that!  I would be able to have the dress providing I covered rush costs (which is usual when you need a speedy delivery), however the dress wouldn’t arrive until two weeks before my wedding date! *covers eyes* I needed this wedding dress, so was willing to risk it.

“there is no such thing as perfect; perfect is subjective and what matters most about your wedding day is the commitment you are making to your significant other”

With just nine days to go, my dress has arrived, all of our DIY wedding details are in hand, the florist is busy working her magic and the venue coordinator is in regular contact. People say that wedding planning is stressful, I have come to fully appreciate that it really, really is! It’s a stress that creeps up on you too, for me coming to a head about a month before the big day, but I’m finely past the anxiety of “will it all be done?” and am ready to start enjoying the run up to my very own big day.

What I have learned most is that there is no such thing as perfect; perfect is subjective and what matters most about your wedding day is the commitment you are making to your significant other to love and respect them for the rest of your lives. I am going to enjoy every aspect of our big day because it is ours, and we will be surrounded by our nearest and dearest who will love it too because they get to share it with us.


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