If the dress fits… wear it!

And so the countdown begins! Three months to go until you become a Mrs!

You’ll know from conversations with your personal Wedding Belles consultant, no wedding dress will be a perfect fit straight from the designer. We order the size closest to your measurements, and once we enter that 12 week window before your wedding day you’ll visit one of our very talented and experienced seamstresses to start your alterations; it’s time to make that dream Wedding Belles dress fit perfectly!

Top tips to keep in mind before your fittings start:

  1. Stay as you are! This is it, if you want a perfect fit it’s time to maintain that body shape ladies. We like to think we can handle anything here at Wedding Belles (and for the most part we can!) however once your fittings start weight fluctuations* can mean further alteration work, and more alteration work means more time.
  2. Find the perfect bra. Whether that means strapless, backless, padded or none at all, you will need to know what bra you will be wearing on your big day. Your bra will make a difference to the way your wedding dress fits and sits; if in doubt, bring a selection to your first fitting appointment to decide which works best.
  3. Choose your shoes. Our seamstress will need to see you in your wedding dress and wedding shoes together to determine the correct length of your dress. Tripping down the aisle is not an option ladies!

Your fitting appointments will take place at Wedding Belles, and as part of our commitment to delivering a high class service from start to finish, a Wedding Belles consultant will be with you every step of the way. Fitting appointments usually last around half an hour, and depending on what alterations are required to get your dress spot on you can expect to attend three or four appointments.

If you have any other questions about fittings or alterations please contact us at the Wedding belles boutique.

*Don’t panic! +/- a couple of pounds is not the end of the world. We understand that planning your wedding is stressful (and that hen parties are A LOT of fun!) and Wedding Belles will work with you to make your gown is perfect.

Welcome “Wedding Belles”!

You’ve done it! You’ve found your perfect wedding dress!

Welcoming new Wedding Belles’ to the fold makes for one very happy team here at the boutique. We love seeing that magical look when you find “The One” and are super excited to know that we will be seeing you again many times during the run up to your wedding day!

This is what you can expect to happen next…

Your wedding dress (which is an amazingly gorgeous designer gown darling) will take somewhere between five and seven months to arrive with us at the boutique. During that time it is being lovingly made using quality fabrics, and all of the gorgeous beads are being stitched by hand.

Your personal consultant will have discussed the estimated delivery date with you during your appointment, however we receive a more accurate delivery date of your gown from the designer a couple of weeks after placing your order. Feel free to contact the Wedding Belles team at any time to discuss your requirements or to find out more.

Once your dress arrives at Wedding Belles you will receive an invitation asking you to give us a call to make an appointment to come and try on your wedding dress (yippee!). Ideally this appointment should be made within two weeks of receiving your invitation. It’s very (VERY) rare that there is an issue with your dress, but if we don’t spot it within two weeks and let the designer know, they won’t fix it. So come and see us quick sharp!

During this appointment we will all ooh and ah and admire how gorgeous you look in your wedding dress (WARNING! There will be happy tears!). Then we’ll pull ourselves together to talk about what underwear would be appropriate and what alterations we might need to do to make your dress fit perfectly. This appointment isn’t normally a fitting with our brilliant seamstress, unless your dress has arrived within the 12 week run up to your wedding day (more on that later).

If you haven’t already thought about accessories, now is also a good time to take a look at our fabulous collection of veils, head pieces and shoes.

We offer an alterations service which you are more than welcome to take advantage of. We like to start the alterations process at least three months prior to your wedding date. Sometimes we have less time (we can work with this!) however the more time we have the better. You can find out more about your fittings and alterations here. If it is more convenient for you, we are also able to provide a list of local free lance seamstresses who would be able to conduct your fittings and alterations outside of the boutique.

Once all of your fittings and alterations are complete, it’s time to get married! Don’t forget to send us some pictures!


So you’re coming to choose your wedding dress…

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! This is it girls, you are about to marry the person of your dreams and start a new chapter of your life; and what does every woman need in order to celebrate such an occasion? The perfect wedding dress!

If you’re reading this you have probably already made an excellent decision and booked your bridal appointment with us*. You are also probably very excited, there may be some nerves, and perhaps you’re a little unsure of what to expect (buying a wedding dress isn’t something you do every day!)

Your bridal appointment with us could last up to an hour and a half. When you arrive, you will be greeted with a warm smile and introduced to your consultant. You will probably meet the rest of the team at some point during your visit too; we’re a friendly bunch and love seeing the magic glow that comes when you find “the one”!

If you paid a booking fee for your appointment, this will be refunded next. Make sure you bring the card you used to pay your booking fee with you so that we can return you money.

Then you will start shopping! You and the privileged few who get to help you choose your perfect wedding dress will be set loose in our beautiful boutique to pick out your favourites, before being whisked in to a private fitting room to start the process of elimination.

Speaking of the privileged, you might be wondering how to choose who should be a part of this select group of people. Whilst it is nice to involve others in choosing your wedding dress, it is very rare that a large group of people will agree on the same gown. Everyone has their own taste, which is what makes us unique! At Wedding Belles we believe a bride should be celebrating her own style in her choice of wedding dress, and sometimes having too may opinions can cause confusion.

We recommend you bring no more than four people with you. At Wedding Belles, three is best, and can be accommodated comfortably in our fitting rooms alongside the bride and your personal consultant who will be on hand throughout the process to advise and support you. Our advice is to choose people you trust and who know your taste well, and who will enjoy the process of helping you to choose your dream wedding dress.

Small children are welcome in the boutique, but please remember that they may become bored! We suggest you bring quiet toys with you to keep them distracted, and to make sure there is a responsible adult to properly supervise them.

Back to your appointment! Come with an open mind and be prepared to try on things you don’t think you will like or will suit you – you may just be surprised! Your dedicated consultant will also make suggestions on wedding dresses to try based on the feedback you provide throughout. They might help with customisation options too, to help make your dress perfect just for you.

Whilst we try to preserve your modesty at all times here at Wedding Belles, your consultant might see you in your underwear; they will be with you every step of the way, including to help you in and out of the wedding dresses. Plus when you choose the “the one” we will need to take your measurements! Wear underwear which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. We aren’t looking (we promise!) but feeling insecure might take the shine off this wonderful experience, and we want nothing but smiles!

We’re really looking forward to meeting you!

Lots of love

The Wedding Belles Team

*If you haven’t made your appointment yet, don’t be shy! Give us a call on 01248 717200.